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 My love for lifting weights and working out and a desire to help others led me to building a private gym and getting certified as a personal trainer and a sports nutrition specialist. I wanted to build a training facility where people would have a place to go and feel totally comfortable while having the ultimate personal  experience in a gym. When in a gym you are on your free time, which is valuable time, so I believe everything should be totally about you and your goals! We can guaranteed 100% you will never wait for equipment, so your sessions run smoothly and in a timely manner, getting you the results you want.

I was one of those people spending a few hours a day 5 days a week in the gym getting no results. Doing group sessions didn’t get me to the results I was looking for. Then I worked with a trainer (Mike Shepard the other trainer here at PowerCore) one on one who educated me. I wanted to help people the same way he helped me. I quit my job, became certified and started PowerCore.  Now I can educate people who really want to start taking control of their exercise program and actually seeing progression and results. It is so gratifying to me to see other people having fun and actually reaching their goals.

I was clumsy and a little awkward when I started weight training so I understand that beginning a gym routine can be a little uncomfortable. I built the private gym so people can come here and be comfortable allowing them to totally concentrate on themselves. If you want to lift heavy, you will have no restrictions that corporate gyms have!  At PowerCore we work on making you stronger, healthier, happier and actually having the aesthetics so you can see your accomplishments.

All the trainers who are part of the PowerCore gym have many years of experience in the gym, and we all have the same philosophy, “You are the most important”!!


NCSF (National Council Strength and Fitness) Certified
Sports Nutrition Specialist – License# 2719979
Certified Personal Trainer – License# 27094258
ROM (Range of Motion Stretching) Educated and Experienced
U.S.R.E.P Nationally Registered

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